Date:   February 28, 2013

Mark Russell provides customised training, coaching, assessment and support in change processes to international organisations to improve their impact on the market and to increase efficiency within their organisation. His concepts are based on agreed and clearly defined objectives and an in-depth analysis of the current situation.

As a trainer, coach and consultant Mark combines:

  1. More than 20 years of experience supporting mostly international clients in their approach to leadership, cross- functional interaction and international approach to key markets
  2. Consultancy experience in more than 30 countries
  3. Experience in international organisations working in marketing, sales and project management
  4. Qualifications as an occupational psychologist trained in Germany, England and Indonesia
  5. Methods and instruments from an extensive range of qualifications and training programs
  6. The availability of fluent English, German and Indonesian

This broad set of experience has proved to him that Konrad Adenauer’s statement “Just because we live under the same sky it does not mean that we share the same horizon” really holds true. His customized approach to coaching and training takes this diversity into account.