Date:   March 1, 2013

Malcolm Stern B.R.C.P. (Psych) is a psychotherapist and psychologist, coach and business facilitator specialising in group dynamics, relationships and individuals seeking change and transformation. Malcolm offers executive coaching and organisational training programmes. His main specialties are in one to one and team coaching, conflict resolution, mediation and leadership styles. He values creating safe environments, where blockages in organisations can be faced and moved through. He has worked at board level with a number of multinational organisations, including BMW, the NHS, Ordnance Survey, PDLC, and Cisco Systems. He originally trained in Humanistic Psychology in the late 1970’s with “The Institute for the Development of Human Potential” and is a member of the Psychotherapy division of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners. Malcolm is the co-author of “The Courage to Love” (Piatkus 1996) and co-founder and trustee of “Alternatives”, the multi-disciplinary lecture series at St James’s Church in Piccadilly, London. Since 1990 he has created and run two one year groups in London and Devon – “ The Courage to Change – The Alchemy of Transformation” where participants meet one weekend a month to train in personal development and facilitation skills. Malcolm delivers his services in English.