Date:   September 17, 2015

Josie is a consultant, wilderness-based coach, therapist, and facilitator based in Colorado. She has developed an innovative nature-centered approach to personal and professional growth. Active in the field of leadership development since 1996, she has worked with team leaders at the European Commission, business managers, stockbrokers, and NGO employees. Josie comes from a lineage of psychotherapists, coaches, and facilitators and grew up, immersed in this unique family environment, where she first acquired her acute sensitivity to underlying dynamics and an appreciation for the subtleties of human interaction.
Josie believes that people already have the ability to grow and to transform challenges. She understands her role as a coach to lie in the enabling of accessing these abilities as naturally inner resources. Josie enjoys exploring strategies together with her coachees that allows them to make changes that they need. Thus, she is very committed to support individuals to raise self-awareness. She draws on her background as a research scientist in Cosmology to offer logical analysis and provide clarity within highly complex situations.