<!--:de-->Prof. Dr. Margarete Boos<!--:-->

Prof. Dr. Margarete Boos

Consultant & researcher for virtual teams

<!--:de-->Bernhard Broekman<!--:-->

Bernhard Broekman

Stress and health-oriented Trainer & Senior Coach for leaders and teams

<!--:de-->Tine Gaihede<!--:-->

Tine Gaihede

International Executive Coach for personal and leadership development in global corporations and organisations.

<!--:de-->Karine Rémolu<!--:-->

Karine Rémolu

Coach for leadership, resilience, change, strategy and cross cultural collaboration

<!--:de-->Julian Russell<!--:-->

Julian Russell

Specialises in developing the leadership potential of both senior executives and leadership teams

<!--:de-->Tom Schmidt<!--:-->

Tom Schmidt

Principles and attitudes of the inspeyer coaches

  1. work for both values and results
  2. understand the pleasures and frustrations of leadership
  3. believe that the greatest effectiveness and satisfaction at work is to be found when your role is truly aligned with your personality and values
  4. challenge and support leaders to give of their best in today’s changing, complex and international environment


I know Matthew Speyer as an exceptionally competent facilitator who has advanced our functional and interpersonal cooperation with great success. He leads people in the right direction with highly skilled questions and interventions without imposing the route. This is what makes working with him both so pleasant and valuable. A further strength is his international background which allows him not only to adapt to people of differing nationalities but also to transfer this intercultural sensitivity to our leadership team.

Rüdiger Wenzel
Vice president Human Resources, International Office, CBM