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What we offer!

  • Executive Coaching:

    Executives and Senior Executives
    Female leaders
    New talents
    Leaders in transition

    Team Coaching:

    Senior Management teams
    Virtual teams
    Cross-functional teams
    Intercultural teams
    Mediation / Facilitation
    Large group facilitation
    Team Building
    Project Teams

    Organisational Development:

    Strategy development
    Future planning processes
    Matrix organisations
    Assessment & development centres
    Transformation & change
    Mentoring programs
    Conflict moderation


    Dynamic leadership simulation
    Connected leaders: Collaboration across borders
    The art of leadership
    (Intercultural) communication
    Conflict management
    Negotiation skills
    Presentation skills
    Stress management
    The leader as coach

    Psychometric Instruments:

    Insights Discovery


    English (native speakers)
    German (native speakers)
    Dutch (native speakers)
    French (native speakers)

  • Executive Coaching challenges and supports leaders to give of their best in today’s changing, complex and international environment.

    After the initial contact we meet to understand your aims and concerns. We set clear goals, if appropriate involving other parties (superiors, peers, related departments), and agree on the most effective measures. Each coaching process is individual, but might typically involve six three-hour meetings once a month. Mid-term and at the end we evaluate progress. Additionally we can use:

    Shadowing with Feedback
    Discrete observation with a specific focus during the course of a working day gives us a first-hand impression of your personal style and the situation at your workplace. This outside perspective allows depth feedback as a basis for mutually agreed development implementation.

    Interviews with Co-workers Followed by Feedback
    For this tailor-made process we either meet personally with your co-workers and, if suitable, supervisors or send them written questionnaires. We analyse and anonymise the answers, providing you with feedback from your workplace environment more authentic than possible in everyday working routine. This enables you and us to find and address the issues critically relevant for you.

    Telephone Coaching
    As part of a coaching process telephone coaching can be an alternative or in addition to personal meetings. It is short, efficient and saves travel time and costs. It also permits fast reaction to recent developments, refining plans of action and agreeing on new measures.

    Psychometric Tools
    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), FIRO-B, Hogan Assessment Systems and other psychometric tools help you to better understand your own preferences and strengths in how you relate to others, take in information, make decisions and structure your time. It also allows you to better understand those who operate differently.

  • Team Coaching supports clarity in strategy, process and roles, openness in the communication and the satisfaction of working together towards shared goals.

    This customised form of organisational development can include goal setting with management and the team, psychometric instruments, individual interviews with consultant analysis, workshops and management follow ups. Depending on what is needed team coaching can address issues such as cooperation, communication, role clarity, leadership and processes. It can also support constructive dealing with conflict and help to understand and utilise personal and cultural differences. Team coaching supports a team in achieving excellence in the performance of its tasks and increases team spirit.

    Reteaming is a program used for team coaching, especially in supporting change processes and organisational development. It focuses on the development of leadership qualities and team spirit, the setting and successful realisation of goals and intensive participation of all persons involved. Reteaming is very solution and future oriented and thus extremely time and cost effective.

  • Organisational Development extends the concepts and methods of team coaching to groups of teams working together. It aims to positively influence the organisational structure and culture, implement desired social change and improve organisational performance by involving employees to the highest extent possible. 

    Organisational Development can, for example, lead to higher employee motivation and fulfilment through more flexible structures, a strengthened innovation and change capacity as well as more efficient and effective work flows.

    The process starts with goal setting together with the responsible leaders and stakeholders. This is followed by an information-gathering phase to identify critical issues in strategy, structure and cooperation.

    We look at the interaction between employees, teams and the organisation as well as predominant communication structures, values and power distribution. These issues are addressed in workshops as well as in individual and team coaching. Aim is the alignment of energies towards clear, shared goals.

  • Change Management is a particularly challenging form of organisational development.

    The global economy in which almost every organisation operates is driven by constant change: internationalization, interconnectedness, new technologies and economic crisis. Managing change has become daily business. Only companies who see change as an opportunity and are able to adapt to the changing legal, social and economic environment will persist in today’s world. It is a tough task: even when change processes are carefully planned and thought through, their implementation often fails. A fair number of employees hold on to old structures and processes out of fears to face new challenges, lose competencies or even their job. Dealing with these fears and at the same time motivating employees for change is a challenge for every leader.

    inspeyer has many years of experience in successfully supporting change management processes. Beyond only looking at the structure of the work and the units market environment we intensively work with the employees, whose motivation and engagement is a crucial success factor for change management. Using of individually targeted concepts, methods and tools we bring stability into times of instability.

  • Leadership Training is a coaching-orientated approach keeping stimulating theory inputs and exercises close to the dilemmas and complexity of real life leadership.

    Our leadership training is always customised. In co-developing a program we incorporate your culture, values, competency models and future leadership needs. Where needed intercultural skills and distance management are explicit themes. The coaching based approach keeps the trainings interactive, lively and close to the dilemmas and contradictions of real life leadership. Intensive feedback encourages self-reflection and personal development. Brief theoretical inputs provide working tools and intellectual stimulation.

    Peer Consulting
    A further leadership development measure is Peer Consulting. We use a structured approach to coaching an individual leader within a small trusted group. This utilises the knowhow, feedback and collective intelligence of the group.